Chasing the Golden Hour:

A Stunning Coupleshoot on the Isle of Skye

As a photographer, I've always been drawn to the unique and awe-inspiring landscapes of Scotland, and the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye is one of my favorite locations to shoot. So when Charles and Jessica from the U.S.A. approached me about doing a photoshoot there, I jumped at the chance!

It was a beautiful day in April, with clear blue skies and a warm sun that made the Scottish landscape glow with an otherworldly beauty. As we made our way towards the Quiraing, I could tell that Charles and Jessica were just as excited as I was to capture the stunning scenery around us.

The Quiraing is a unique landscape of twisted rock formations, steep cliffs, and rolling hills, and it's a popular destination for hikers and photographers alike. The golden hour had just begun, and the light was soft and warm, casting long shadows across the rocky terrain.

As we reached the summit, I could see that the wind was beginning to pick up, and the air was growing cooler. But Charles and Jessica were undaunted, and they posed for photos against the stunning backdrop of the Quiraing. They were natural models, and I could tell that they were enjoying every moment of the shoot!


As we were shooting, a curious sheep wandered into the frame, and before we knew it, it had stolen the show as a model. It was the perfect unexpected addition to the shoot! The sheep seemed to enjoy the attention, and it posed perfectly for the camera, adding a touch of Scottish charm to the already stunning photoshoot.

After we finished shooting at the Quiraing, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful golden hour light and make a few more photos on the road as the sun set. We found a picturesque spot with a stunning view of the mountains, and Charles and Jessica posed for some beautiful photos with the sun setting behind them. The warm, golden light created a magical atmosphere, and the resulting photos were some of my favorites from the entire shoot. It was the perfect way to end an already amazing day of photography on the Isle of Skye.

I know that some of the most magical moments happen when you least expect them, and the coupleshoot at the Quiraing with Charles and Jessica is a perfect example of that. It was a day that we will never forget, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have photographed such a lovely and authenic couple.