Marcel & Mary Anne

Rainy Romance in Glencoe

Marcel and Mary Anne, a couple deeply in love, chose to celebrate their 7-year anniversary in the enchanting setting of Rainy Glencoe. Amidst the lush landscapes and unpredictable weather, their anniversary getaway turned into a memorable adventure!

As fate would have it, their anniversary weekend was accompanied by a persistent drizzle that only added to the allure of the place. Armed with rain jackets and a spirit of spontaneity, the couple embraced the weather. The rain-kissed landscapes provided a unique backdrop for their celebratory coupleshoot.

The couple's genuine laughter, stolen glances, and even dance moves were captured! We had so much fun and just when we thought it couldn't be any more beautiful, the rain stopped and a gorgeous golden hour began. It was just magical!

Dear Marcel and Mary Anne, thank you so much for me being a part of your special day and feeling the love between the two of you. You are amazing!